About the project

Hybrid Adaptive Systems

Enhancing decision-making through adaptive interventions in virtual collaboration


Every day, we interact with IT systems which aim to adapt to our needs and guide our decision-making. Do these systems take our actual preferences into account? What happens if there are competing interests – particularly amongst team members?

Our shared vision

We aim at understanding and designing hybrid adaptive systems (as a combination of social and technological elements) with a special focus on preferences and expectations. We will study how individuals, teams, and organizations interact with adaptive IT systems in the areas of work and life.

Research Context

With a mutlidisplinary approach, we will address the central research question from different perspectives – such as computer science, economics, health, information systems, management, among others.


We will follow a unique Open Science approach, where possible, for researching hybrid adaptive systems and aim to establish an Open Science platform building on the KD² Lab, the digital citizen science platform, and real-world labs.


Through our PI Projects and the joint Meta Study Project, we aim to collaborate and gain insights for digital adaptations from multiple research domains.


We will make our research findings available in the form of publications, as well as open source research artefacts that benefit the community to replicate such research.


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