Second Workshop on Gender in Adaptive Design

How to Address Gender Biases in the Design of Hybrid Adaptive Systems?

Economic decision-making and labor market outcomes often exhibit gender disparities, often attributed to stereotypes and biases. In the workplace, hybrid adaptive systems, i.e., digital tools that adjust to human behavior and needs, can significantly impact, and potentially mitigate these inequalities. These systems are pivotal in reshaping economic decision-making and labor market outcomes while addressing gender disparities.

This workshop brings together experts on gender differences in economic decision-making as well as specialists in the design of hybrid adaptive systems to examine current insights and advancements.

Our objective is to establish a collective understanding of how incorporating gender considerations into the design of hybrid adaptive systems can lead to more equitable and inclusive technological solutions

Key questions encompass:

  • What underlying mechanisms contribute to gender disparities in economic decision-making, particularly within the context of hybrid adaptive systems?
  • What are the implications of pre-existing biases for hybrid adaptive systems, and how do these biases affect outcomes?
  • How can the design of hybrid adaptive systems incorporate measures to address and mitigate existing biases, ultimately working towards reducing discrimination?

We are happy to confirm that Brit Grosskopf from the University of Exeter will deliver the keynote lecture.

Workshop Schedule

The event will take place @
Triangel Open Space
Kaiserstraße 93, Karlsruhe

Email: Tom Reuscher