Adaptive Systems for Virtual Collaboration

In this research activity, we investigate the overarching question:

How can social entities (individuals/teams/organizations) and collaboration systems co-adapt to improve virtual collaboration?

Our research is organized into three facets

Principal Investigator (PI) Projects

Individual PI Projects will focus on the impact of adaptive systems in areas of work & life. The experiment designs will each have their unique (bio) adaptive feature, and research question (s) pertaining to teams, individual or oganizational behavior.

Multi-design Study

A novel approach where all PIs contribute to a transdisciplinary study in the spirit of the multi-design paradigm, to answer the question:

How do (different) adaptive interventions in pre-play video team meetings impact virtual team collaboration?

Open Science Framework

We will follow a unique Open Science approach for researching hybrid adaptive systems and aim to establish an Open Science platform incorporating the KD²Lab, the digital citizen science platform, and real-world labs.

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